Where We Source.

Committed to Growing Maine's Grain Economy

At Blue Ox Malthouse, we are committed to helping Maine growers increase their grain growing capacity and produce the best quality barley possible. We take great pride in our dedication to supporting these farms as a mid-size market and through partnering with organizations like the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Maine Grain Alliance, MOFGA, and many others to increase knowledge, capacity, and infrastructure for small grains.


Lake Shore Farms - St. David, Maine

Lake Shore Farms is MOFGA certified organic with a focus on small grains. In the heart of the St. John Valley, it currently provides all the grains that go into our organic pale base malt.. 

Buck Farms - Mapleton, Maine

Buck Farms is a family operated business in Northern Maine that not only grows malt barley but a variety of other grains, potatoes, and hops. They even malt some of their own! 

Corey Farms - Monticello, Maine

Daniel J. Corey Farms grows 1500 acres of grain between their Monticello and Crystal area locations. The farm grows potatoes, wheat, oats, and barley.

If you are interested in providing or growing malt barley please contact us: info@blueoxmalthouse.com.